B5 Audi A4

So this past Saturday I decided to roll the A4 out and take a stab at the broken coolant flange bolt in the head. I found this cool right angle drill adapter at Sears and decided to get it and give it a shot. There was no room between the firewall and the head so I just took a stab at centering the bit and started drilling away. I managed to get it lined up pretty well and got it drilled out pretty far in, so I stepped up a size in bits and continued. Then grabbed my Easy out and tried threading out the broken bolt, the Easy Out tried catch a few times but didn’t go in far enough to get a good bite. In fear of making the hole too big I  stepped back down to the smaller bit. This went well till I applied a bit too much pressure and the bit heated up too much and snapped in the hole. At this point I figured I was screwed as drilling out a bolt is hard enough never mind a hardened steel bit.

I stepped back took some time to cool down and assessed the situation and found an answer. I started by getting the other small bit I had of the same size and started drilling next to the broken bit expanding the hole. After a bit of this I drilled in quite a bit and grabbed a small punch and started to pick at the broken bit with the hole I created next to it. After prying and pulling with the punch I heard a small crack and out came the piece of drill bit. I was very happy at this point so I grabbed the Easy Out and when at it, This time the hole was just deep enough that the Easy Out got a good grip and the broken bolt turned right out. I got very lucky this worked but I figured I would share as I am sure this has happened to others and maybe this could help. Now the new coolant flange is in place and my 30 PSI baby is back I am very excited to get it registered again. Once you have a turbo charged car it is so hard to move back to N/A even if the N/A is a nice 350 Trans Am.

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