First Real Post (New PC Build)

So I was playing with my desktop and decided the 5 year old 8GB DDR2 800, core 2 quad, 8800GTS KO just wasn’t enough any more. So I sought out to buy some new parts with some cash I was saving. Did some quick research and found the Core i7 950 was a decently priced CPU and performed very well so that was first on my list. Next I went motherboard shopping and found a nice EVGA board for a good price on newegg. I got the EVGA X58 SLI 3. Good speeds stable board and of course I love EVGA stuff. Next I found a good deal on some G.Skill RipJaws got two pairs of 4GB DDR3 1066 RAM sticks for about $35 each on a promo code. Last for this I got a 500GB WD Black drive for the OS and that was it for newegg. I was still using the tired old 8800 GTS KO but it just couldn’t do what it seemed to do before. So later the girlfriend and I decided to take a trip to Cambridge, Mass and visit Micro Center. There I found the EVGA GTX 550 but was advised it is more worth the money for the GTX 560 so I compared the two and did some research and went with the EVGA GTX 560 Super Clocked for about $200. Thanks to the girlfriend’s generosity I now own a GTX 560 =) I am very greatful. The rest of the stuff I already owned like the 700 Watt PSU and the 100% clear Acrylic case. Below is a pic of it up and running with its colorful fans and what not. I will post numbers for the benchmarks soon.


Old Case New Hardware



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