Great Car Tool For Macs

I was diagnosing a check engine light last night for my niece and the code reader I have just gave a generic auxiliary emission system failure. In thinking about this it could be a few things, bad hoses on the canister purge valve or maybe hoses from the gas tank to the canister maybe even a bad gas cap, worst case would be the canister its self or the valve its self. So I went digging for my ODB2 Bluetooth dongle I bought a while back but never had software to make it work. Since I had my MacBook I was looking for a Mac app to do the trick sure enough on a Camaro forum someone mentioned this great software that looks clean works good and can also read live stats. The program is called Movi Pro it does have a price tag of $89.99 but if you do much car work or like to know whats going on with your car and have a Macbook this application is for you. I paired it with a ODB2 Bluetooth box I got off of Deal Extreme it was on sale when I got it but not any more still a good price though. Also it can turn off the check engine light with out resetting the whole ecu only the specific DTC so it can help pass emissions tests and what not for the time being most likely as long as you don’t have to go to far to get the sticker. They also have Movi just a standard app for checking codes and resetting check engine lights for $49.99 but for the $40 more it is worth it to have Movi Pro to get live stats and graphs.


Screenshot of the basic graph setup.

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