I use this program a lot and decided I should share it in case there was anyone who did not know about it. Basically it is a tool that visually shows you the largest files on your drives and where they are located you can even managed the files from the application. Of course this app is not free but it does have a trial so check it out and see if it may help you too the price is cheap for a great tool. Check it out today:




Buy a standard single-user license
SpaceMonger, single-user (1) license $24.95
Get a discount for buying a few licenses at once
SpaceMonger, three (3) licenses ($23.95) $71.85
SpaceMonger, five (5) licenses ($22.95) $114.75
Small site licenses
SpaceMonger, 5-user site license ($22.95 per user)
SpaceMonger, 10-user site license ($21.95 per user)
SpaceMonger, 25-user site license ($20.95 per user)


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